Haitong deploys FlexFutures platform

FlexTrade Systems has announced that Haitong Futures Co, Ltd.

July, 2013

Manish Kedia

Manish Kedia

FlexTrade Systems has announced that Haitong Futures Co, Ltd., a subsidiary of Haitong Securities, has deployed FlexFutures, its futures trading system, to connect to the Shanghai Futures Information Technology’s Comprehensive Transaction Platform, which will grant Haitong Futures’ clients access to the following derivatives exchanges: Shanghai Futures Exchange (SHFE), Dalian Commodity Exchange (DCE), Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange (ZCE) and China Financial Future Exchange (CFFEX).FlexFutures comes fully integrated with many rules-based trading strategies, including Pairs, Calendar Spreads and Iceberg, as well as synthetic and contingent order types that are designed to reduce market impact and slippage, minimize risk, and improve trading performance.

“We are delighted that Haitong Futures has chosen FlexFutures,” said Manish Kedia, Managing Director of FlexTrade Systems Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.  “As derivatives markets become more automated in China, it’s critical for firms such as Haitong Futures to use trading technology platforms such as FlexFutures to help their international clients trade futures in China’s derivatives markets while reducing market impact and minimizing slippage.”