e-Forex Magazine July 2021

e-Forex Magazine July 2021

Achieving a balance for all market participants
Not just a pipe dream
AI and ML add intelligence to automation
Cutting edge e-FX innovations from Deutsche Bank
Why it is set to transform FX
Dominating the Buy-Side approach to FX Trading
CEO of FXSpotStr

FX Credit - Central Utility Model: Balancing the appropriate level of risk vs control in a dynamically evolving global FX OTC execution ecosystem

Market Commentary

By Basu Choudhury, Head of Strategic Initiatives, and Igor Zubkov, Head of Credit & Documentation services at Traiana...show more


Deutsche Bank: Cutting edge innovations in e-FX increase client engagement

Provider Profile

Deutsche Bank has been actively ramping up its e-FX business over the past year with a string of innovative new releases. e-Forex spoke to Vittorio Nuti, Global Head FX Algos at Deutsche Bank, about keeping up the pace of development in line with client needs, even during the disruption caused by the Covid-19 crisis....show more


Not just a pipe dream: Achieving same day settlement in FX


Technology enabling T+0 settlement exists and is utilised in the digital assets world, so why does it still take two days in the foreign exchange market (FX)? Andy Coyne, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Cobalt, believes that FX can benefit hugely from instant settlement and that with the right infrastructure and support, it can be achieved....show more

FXSpotStream - A remarkable growth story driven by exceptional client service, agile product delivery and extreme attention to detail

e-Forex Interview

FXSpotStream was formed in 2011 and is a subsidiary of LiquidityMatch, the bank owned consortium operating as a market utility. The company has been achieving extraordinary growth figures and so we spoke to its co-founder & CEO, Alan F. Schwarz, to see what lies behind this and how the firm has been navigating the difficulties thrown up by the COVID-19 pandemic....show more


The FX Global Code: Championing global standards and best practices in FX settlement risk mitigation


There has been a clear trend in FX markets in recent years: the rise in global trading of currencies that do not have payment-versus-payment (PvP) settlement mechanisms, many of them from emerging markets. ...show more

Optimizing FX STP through intelligent automation


Today’s digital and data-driven economy has placed an ever-increasing range of challenges on FX market participants. Technological advancements make it imperative that organizations re-think traditional business models, particularly addressing their digital performance and capabilities. ...show more


Beyond Bitcoin: Discussing the benefits of other cryptocurrencies

Blockchain and CryptoCurrencies

Cryptocurrency is a constantly evolving financial service, currently gaining more traction than ever within the trading world. After an investor accidentally ‘threw away’ their millions in Bitcoin, followed by its plummet in value after Elon Musk’s announcement that Tesla would no longer accept it as a payment method, 2021 has already seen its fair share of virtual payments making the financial headlines. ...show more


Data dominates Buy-Side approach to FX Trading

Market Data

Senior buy-side traders offered differing views on the definition of high-touch and low-touch trading in foreign exchange (FX) at a roundtable in May, shedding light on efforts to rank their brokers and incorporate data analytics into their decisions. Discussing their usage of FX electronic trading protocols and algorithms for “chunkier trades,” buy-side heads of FX and derivatives trading desks, shared their views on a roundtable in May moderated by The Hive FX Network and co-hosted by FlexTrade Systems....show more


Open banking - Why it is set to transform FX


Open Banking is seeing rising adoption especially among countries with strong digital and mobile payments uptake. We asked Ryan Liew, Business Development Consultant at Payment Asia, a leading e-payment technology and e-business management provider to tell us about how he thinks it might transform the FX market over the coming years....show more