Roger Aitken
Roger Aitken

Deploying Proximity Hosting for Achieving Ultra-low Latency FX

The drive by trading houses and boutiques to secure ultra-low latency solutions to FX market venues and their matching engines has been cranked up of late, with deployment of proximity hosting being a must-have offering. Roger Aitken examines the state of play in proximity hosting and co-location services, semantics aside.

While the terms Proximity Hosting (PH) and co-location (co-lo) might not exactly trip off the tongue in conversations between traders in FX or other asset classes, things are hotting up and there is something akin to an arms race being fought out between various providers operating in the space. And, with technology never standing still, enhancements are always being offered up in proximity hosting services. It can be a tad confusing to nail down what the terms themselves actually mean, with semantics coming into play. “Even the phrase, proximity hosting,  is loosely defined now,” says Lee Wade, managing director, Exponential-e, a next generation provider of Ethernet solutions for the WAN, that this month launched what it has dubbed the ‘New Gold Standard’ in FX algorithmic trading latency.“I can remember years ago when people like [BT] Radianz came out with that expression [PH] it had a clear meaning. Today, that clarity…well it’s not so evident any...continued

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