Nicholas Pratt
Nicholas Pratt

Breaking through the Great Firewall of China: Delivering new FX trading services and connectivity solutions across Asia

There is an increasing demand for FX services across Asia but providing connectivity and trading services poses several challenges. Nicholas Pratt examines the various strategies employed by service providers to overcome the obstacles.

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 76 / Networks, Hosting and Connectivity / June, 2017

Foreign exchange has become enormously popular in Asia for both retail and institutional clients. Some say that the retail trading boom is down to a cultural affinity with speculation, others say that the institutional interest is a natural development of the globalisation of financial markets. Either way, it has become a beacon for international FX brokers eager to benefit from the opportunities on offer across the region.  Furthermore, the demand is spreading across the region from the established markets such as Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong to the countries on the periphery, in South East Asia especially. And then there is China – a subject all of its own thanks to a billion plus population and a stringent policy of internet censorship.  “The RMB clearing and trading business in London has also been a big boost to the demand for FX services in Asia, as the same currency pairs traded in the West are now being traded in Asia,” says James Banister, chief executive at...continued

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