Building low latency FX trading architectures with customised network solutions

For firms trading with high-frequency or utilising high-speed event driven strategies, low latency is crucial, but with so much in the hands of network providers, what can they fine tune? Dan Barnes investigates

First Published: e-Forex Magazine 55 / Networks, Hosting and Connectivity / January, 2014

FX trading firms increasingly need low-latency access to data and execution. Rather than relying on the plain vanilla network offerings, some are taking network control into their own hands, or seeking expert customisation. “Some true high frequency FX traders have begun to dip their toe into the market,” says Joe Hilt, vice president sales and marketing for North America at Hibernia Networks. “We are seeing more and more algorithmic trading in FX. The momentum is starting to build. These  customers have expertise that is not only in the finance arena. They are experts  at running networks, and most build the actual networks themselves. In some cases where speed is not the absolute goal, they are less likely to build the network and will seek a carrier or service provider to outsource their network. These providers help them to deliver protection on their routes between a couple of points or to hand over their entire network and allow someone else to handle and monitor their gear...continued

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